Hofstra Women’s Basketball Live-Tweets

One thought on “Hofstra Women’s Basketball Live-Tweets


    1. Solid job with the pregame tweets.
    2. I like the video and images as well.
    3. Could have given me Northeastern’s starters, too.
    4. You went 5 minutes between the lineup tweet and the 7-0 start. That’s a little too long. Shoot for every 2, 2.5 minutes.
    5. In general, use more hastags and tag twitter handles of the teams you’re covering.
    6. Hofstra was down 13-12, not up 13-12. Be careful.
    7. Between your 8:22 tweet and your 8:32 tweet, that’s a decent gap. Nothing tweet-worthy happened? You could have thrown in a pregame stat or something off the game notes, if need be.
    8. Example tweet where you can give me a little more: Hofstra guard Sandra Karsten goes to the line to shoot two. 5:47 left in the second. í was she fouled shooting, on a layup, etc? hard foul? Ticky-tack?
    9. Should be “now” in this tweet: Karsten is no being attended to by Hofstra trainers. She appeared to have a cut on her right wrist.
    10. Should be “Pride” í Northeastern guard Claudia Ortiz has a game-high 11 points thus far. Brozoski leads the pride with seven points.
    11. 13 minutes between tweets, not good. Could have given me halftime stats, observations, what the galftime performance/show was. Whether you got a hotdog from the press room.
    12. No hyphens needed for “head coach” or “third quarter.” You would use a hypen if you were writing “third-quarter lead.” í After two quick scores for Northeastern, Hofstra head-coach Kristen Kilburn-Stevesky calls a timeout. Huskies lead 31-20 with 9:05 left in the third-quarter.
    13. As an example, with this tweet, you could have added that this was the largest lead of the game for either team. Additionally, if Hofstra was up 7-0 to start, then that mean’s they’ve really been outscored since — > Clark hits a rainbow three for Northeastern. 38-22 with 5:45 left in the third.
    14. I would also clean up the scoring conventions. Say “Northeastern leads, 38-22.” “Northeastern up, 38-22.”
    15. When it got to 42 all, that means that Hofstra went on an 18-4 run. If you’re going to say they’re on a 10-0 run, which they technically were, thrown in a time reference.
    16. What’s the score here? í Clark goes 1-2 from the line, Leon grabs the rebound and calls a quick timeout.


    Good start. You can do more. Minor mistake here and there, nothing I will hammer you for, but keep them in mind. When you have down time, make use of it. Maybe pre-write some tweets that can go out at any time that are evergreen.

    GRADE: 86


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