Emergency Post: The Celtics Are In Trouble

After watching game 2 conclude, I was fairly optimistic about the Celtics’ chances to win this series.  Isaiah had just dropped 53 points, taking over the fourth quarter and OT completely.  I, and every other C’s fan came to conclusion that they were hitting peak form at the perfect time.

I did not expect them to necessarily sweep the Wizards, but I did expect them to win at least one game in Washington.

Now, here we are.  The series is tied 2-2, but it’s safe to say that the Wizards have taken control.  And more importantly, it has become pretty clear, John Wall is the best player in this series.  

Wall’s performance in game 2 was largely overshadowed by the fact that Isaiah had just straight-up outplayed him in the final quarter and OT.  Wall still had 40 points, but him and Beal struggled to make plays down the stretch, largely due to fatigue.

In game 4, Wall came out of the gate struggling, going 0-for in the first quarter.  Staying aggressive, he was able to figure it out in the second quarter, and led the Wizards back to a tie score.

In the third quarter, Wall and the Wizards took over the game, going on a 26-0 run, which single-handedly put the dagger in the heart of the Celtic’s fans who wanted to see a short series.

Prior to game 3, it was understood that this was Isaiah’s series, and rightfully so.  The man lost his tooth in game 1, stayed in the game and dropped 33 points.  Then went through reconstructive dental surgery the next day, and proceeded to drop 53 points in game 2; absolutely unbelievable.  

That game 2 feels like an eternity ago.  Ever since, Kelly Olynyk is now dubbed as one of the league’s dirties players (yes, Kelly freakin’ Olynyk), and John Wall has grabbed control of this series.

The NBA is a star driven league, and very rarely do you see a team without the series’ best player go on to advance.  So far, only the Bucks (with Giannis) and the Clippers (with Chris Paul) are the only two teams who have failed to advance (no, Russell Westbrook was not the best player in his series).

That being said, the Wizards now have all the momentum, and the best player in Wall.  Not to mention the fact that in all 4 games the Celtics have gotten killed in a single quarter (1st quarter in games 1-3, and the 3rd in game 4).

If the C’s keep digging themselves a hole in these games, they’re going to have no chance of winning this series.  Yes, they lucked-out in games 1 and 2, which they were outscored by a combined 27 points in the 1st, but that luck has obviously run out.

Maybe i’m overreacting.  The series is only 2-2 and the C’s still have home court.  It just feels like Washington has figured them out, and so has John Wall.

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