FIFA 17 Review

Disappointed with last year’s installment of the FIFA video game franchise, I was weary about trying this year’s game out.  After waiting until the price dropped to under $30 (thanks to Cyber Monday) I finally purchased FIFA 17.

FIFA has always been a very fun, arcade-style soccer game to play with your friends, but as someone who likes to enjoy the online and offline experience, these games have let me down the past several years.

As a fan of FIFA, I was eager to play this years game largely because of the new Frostbite engine being introduced.  Here are my thoughts on this year’s engine:

One reason why I found FIFA 16 such a disappointment was the computer controlled player’s intelligence.  Much too often I found myself conceding goals that were directly triggered by the AI’s stupidity.  After struggling with this issue for a countless amount of games, I finally gave up playing FIFA until they improved this issue.

The good news is that they have made some improvements to these issues.  Despite this, there are still moments where the computer’s incompetence is at an all-time high.  Although I am happy to see EA attempt to address this issue with some success, there still is some work to be done.

The player models in this game, similar to the AI performance, is better, but there still is some room for improvement.

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My favorite game mode to play in every FIFA game is pro clubs online, so I was very happy to see EA Sports make some much needed improvements towards your pro’s skill development.

EA Sports decided to implement a skill points reward given every few games.  You use these points to purchase skill boosts and player traits.  Additionally, your player’s attributes are gradually improved after every game.

After playing FIFA 16’s pro clubs for over 100 games, I was more than excited to see EA abandon their classic, skill boost rewards for in-game accomplishments approach.  This allows for each player to decide what attributes to improve, as opposed to having them decided for you.

Verdict: B+

This year’s installment of FIFA is no-doubt an improvement in the franchise.  Although some aspects of the gameplay still need improvement, it is clear EA is heading in the right direction.

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