Why The ‘Rigged Election’ Narrative is Scarier Than a Trump Presidency

To most Hillary Clinton supporters, a Donald Trump Presidency would be considered the worst case scenario.  The same can be said about Trump supporters when they speak of a Clinton Presidency.  As much as I am opposed to Trump, the narrative that this election was rigged against him will cause a far scarier result than anything he can do in office.

Tomorrow’s outcome, whether Clinton or Trump walks away a winner, will no doubt cause some stir within the public.  These two candidates are arguably the two most controversial we have ever seen in a Presidential election, and rightfully so.

Trump has seen just about accusation you see, whether with sexual harassment or racism.  On the other side, Clinton definitely does not have the cleanest track record as well.

Yes, both candidates have their flaws, but at the end of the day democracy will decide who the next President will be, whether I like the decision or not.  That’s the beauty of Democracy.

If Clinton wins the election Tuesday, Trump supporters will be in an outrage.  The outrage may last a few days, weeks, or possibly months.  But it will be just that; outrage.

Already Trump has pushed the idea that if he loses, it can only be because the system was rigged against him.  If Trump cannot accept the fact that he can possibly lose this election, than his supporters won’t either.

It is vital that if Trump does lose, he will accept the outcome, regardless of whether or not he believes it was rigged against him.  If he can convince his supporters that he can be the next President, then he can surely convince them that the U.S. government conspired against him so he couldn’t be just that.

This narrative will not only garner outrage, but it will cause action.  This is exactly how you start a revolution.  The moment that people feel they lose their voice in a democracy is the moment the integrity of the country is lost.  That’s why the ‘rigged election’ narrative is so scary.

A bad President can change the direction of a country, but with the checks and balances set in place by The Constitution, his or her power can be limited.  America has survived through every President, good and bad.

In my opinion, the damage a full blown political revolution can do is far greater than anything a President could accomplish in office.

The last thing this country needs is a bunch of crazed Trump supporters running the streets looking to rebel against the system.  If Trump loses the election Tuesday, I fear that may be the exact result.

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