Bethpage Blue Course

Bethpage Blue Course is one of the five courses located at Bethpage State Park.  The Blue Course is considered the third toughest course at Bethpage, behind the Red Course and the Black Course.  Despite this, The Bethpage Blue is still a moderate test for the average amateur golfer.

This course plays at a par 72, totaling  6406 yards from the white tees.  The front nine of this course is very difficult, especially when it comes to hitting fairways.  First time players of this course will have a tough time knowing where to aim off the tee.  Almost every par four and five will either have a dogleg, a tree blocking the fairway, or both.

The second hole, one of the toughest on the front nine, is a 440 yd. par four, with a slight dogleg.  There is also a tree standing in front of the right side of the fairway.  What makes this hole so tough is the fact that you cannot hit the green from the left side of the fairway.  As a result, you are forced to take a line directly over the tree, a nearly impossible task for players who play a low trajectory off the tee.

Another tough hole on the front is the par four sixth.  This 446 yd. hole is one of the most difficult I’ve ever played.  This hole has a hard dogleg left, but a huge oak tree by the turn makes it nearly impossible to cut the corner off the tee.  On top of that, there is a line of bunkers along the right side of the fairway.  Not to mention the elevated green, which forces you to take a club or two extra from the fairway.

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The back nine is not nearly as tough as the front.  This is where you are going to make up the strokes you lost on the front.

One of the best holes on the front is the 12th hole, a 465 yd. par five.  It has a hard dogleg left, forcing longer hitters to take less than a driver off the tee.

Another surprisingly tricky hole is the 350 yd. par four 13th.  Although it is short, it plays a lot longer than expected because of the  leftward dogleg.  Unless you can play a draw, you will have to layup with a hybrid or an iron off the tee.

If you can shoot a solid score on the front nine, you are definitely in good shape.  The times I’ve struggled at this course have all come after i’ve shot a high score on the front.

This course, similar to others at Bethpage, is one of the nicest public places you can play on Long Island.  The Bethpage Blue is great course for the average amateur who is looking to play a course course that is not extremely difficult, but will also not shy away from challenging you a few times during the round.


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