Hofstra Debate

As the debate at Hofstra comes closer, you can’t help but acknowledge the historical significance of this current presidential race.  On one side you have Donald Trump, the smug billionaire who strives to “Make America Great Again”(raising the question, when was America not great?).  On the other side, you have Hillary Clinton, who is considered so untrustworthy by the public she is in a tight race with Donald Trump.

Although this is the first election cycle I can vote in, I doubt that there has been two candidates as polarizing as Trump and Clinton on the ballot before.  Some would find this to be bad, but in terms of the debate, Hofstra could not ask for a better election.  Millions will tune in on Monday, with the hopes that at some point a physical altercation ensues.  Anything, and I mean anything, is on the table Monday night.

People will be glued to their screens for the sole fact that Trump is so unpredictable.  The amount of absurd things he can utter is pretty impressive, especially in a loose, debate setting.  Will he murmur a racial slur at some point, probably not, but I honestly can’t rule it out.

And that’s what makes this debate such good Television.  Because this whole election cycle has been more about “good television” than “good politics”.




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