NFL Week 2 Thoughts and Reactions

How can you tell the NFL season is officially in full swing?  Injuries, injuries, and more injuries.  Adrian Peterson went down with a torn meniscus and is expected to miss some time.  Jimmy Garoppolo, the young stud up in New England, sprained his AC joint.  Not to mention Danny Woodhead’s ACL tear, which broke the hearts of fantasy owners around the nation.  It’s pretty upsetting to see these guys go down so early in the season, but it just seems like that this is the norm nowadays.  It is sad to say that but it is the truth. It’s almost a given that one or two of the league’s marquee players will go down with a season ending injury.  It’s just a matter of when they go down.

Moving past the depressing injury reports, the Jets were able to visit Buffalo on Thursday night and embarrass Rex Ryan’s defense. I have to say, I cant remember seeing a Jets offense this prolific in a long time.  In fact, this is probably the best offense I have seen

Brandon Marshall
Jets at Redskins 8/19/16

from the Jets in my lifetime.  And you know what? It feels great.  Watching Mark Sanchez, Tim Tebow, Greg Mcilroy, and Geno Smith run an offense for 3 years may have taken years off my life.  And that makes the current Brandon Marshall, Eric Decker, Matt Forte three-headed monster that much more enjoyable.

When it comes to the rest of the league, a few games stood out in my mind.  First off, the Arizona Cardinals’ 40-7 rout of the Bucs, came as a complete surprise to me.  I fully expected this to be a close game at the least.  Watching the Buccaneers dominate in week one gave me the implication that the team, along with Jameis Winston, was about to make the leap.  Watching the Cardinals choke away their week one loss did not help my decision-making either.  I had one main take-away from this game: The Cardinals are gonna be really good this season.

The next game I want touch on is the Cowboys Redskins game.  This game seemed like a potential season definer for both sides.  Watching the Redskins locker room crumble after the loss is a tell-tail sign that the team is in for a long season.  There’s infidelity starting at the football field, moving all the way up top management.  Kirk Cousins may also find himself playing in a different jersey next season if he keeps these performances coming.  He looked as mediocre as a quarterback can look.  Cousins may be the exact definition of a “check down quarterback”.  I mean how many 4 yard throws can one man complete in a game?

Let’s talk about the Dak Prescott.  There’s something about Dak I really like.  Colin Cowherd described it as the it factor.  He seems very comfortable in crunch time, similar to a guy like Russell Wilson.  Dak has a lot of Russell Wilson-like qualities about him.  Similar to Wilson in his rookie season, you hear a lot of good things from him inside the Cowboys locker room.  Watching Wilson play his rookie season, you knew he was going to be something special, we just weren’t sure what he would become.  Dak has that quality.

Speaking of Russell Wilson, what the hell is wrong with the Seattle Seahawks offense?  Watching the unit struggle in week one vs. the Dolphins was somewhat concerning, but putting up 3 points vs the rams?  It may be time to at least hover over the panic button is you are a Seahawks.  Maybe Wilson’s ankle was a bigger problem than the Seahawks russell_wilson_vs_vikings_november_4_2012wanted to disclose to the public, or perhaps the Seahawks just aren’t that good.  Last season, Seattle was just a made pooch kick away from being bounced in round one by a stagnant Vikings offense.  Seattle just seems to be a team that’s expected to be good just because they’re the Seahawks.  Something that is often overlooked is the effect the heartbreaking loss Seattle suffered in Super bowl 49 had on the team.  Has that loss effected them more than we think?  I think so.  This is just mere speculation, but Seattle just hasn’t been as crisp since.  Who knows, perhaps I am overreacting.  It just seems like something is off. Only time will tell the true identity of the Seahawks this season.


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