Ryder Cup Preview

When it comes to the Ryder Cup, there is no doubt that the American team is desperate for a victory this year at Hazeltine.  The PGA of America assembling a task force may have been excessive, but it's clear that there has to be some change, whether it is with the culture, or the strategy. … Continue reading Ryder Cup Preview

How Much Will the Debate Really Matter?

Sitting down and watching the debate this Monday was truly a surreal experience.  Firstly, seeing two of the most important people in the country on the Hofstra stage shows just how historical this debate is for both Hofstra, and our country's history.  Going in, I was very eager to see what would transpire.  This is … Continue reading How Much Will the Debate Really Matter?

Hofstra Debate

As the debate at Hofstra comes closer, you can't help but acknowledge the historical significance of this current presidential race.  On one side you have Donald Trump, the smug billionaire who strives to "Make America Great Again"(raising the question, when was America not great?).  On the other side, you have Hillary Clinton, who is considered so … Continue reading Hofstra Debate

NFL Week 2 Thoughts and Reactions

How can you tell the NFL season is officially in full swing?  Injuries, injuries, and more injuries.  Adrian Peterson went down with a torn meniscus and is expected to miss some time.  Jimmy Garoppolo, the young stud up in New England, sprained his AC joint.  Not to mention Danny Woodhead's ACL tear, which broke the hearts of fantasy owners around … Continue reading NFL Week 2 Thoughts and Reactions